We Offer:

Cooperation on selected projects

If one of the researchers of assistive technologies and telemedicine shows interest in cooperation, we will always talk about its possible concept.

Since these technologies reach and cover a very wide social area, it is almost always possible to find a way to participate in a particular solution and develop it together.





Ensuring the delivery and operation of systems we offer, comprehensive surveillance and assistive technologies or individual selected modules, including short-term leases for physical

and legal entities, non-profit and budgetary organizations.


The solutions we develop and test are most often directed to the end user.

Therefore, we offer, directly or together with our selected partners, comprehensive services for securing and operating the selected technology, the possibility of repurchase in case of further unnecessary use, etc.

The user does not have to invest in the purchase of the selected technology, but can only rent it, even for a certain period according to real real needs and without any technical worries with its operation.




Partner-provided comprehensive turnkey solution in the area of social issues related to old age and related topics (assistance in processing applications for allowances, home care, legal and economic counseling, services of a psychologist, gerontologists and family relations specialists, etc.) your specific requirements and life situation.

Using partner companies and organizations, we offer a comprehensive unique solution to issues related to aging, intergenerational relations, orientation in state social policy and support, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry. We will be pleased to offer you specific solutions based on the long-term experience of experts in the field.


Assistive technology consulting.

Since we have been dealing with the issue of assistive technologies and telemedicine since 2000, we are able to offer the most comprehensive and highly sophisticated solutions, not only from the perspective of the Czech Republic, but also from a global scale.

If you are interested in addressing the issue, are planning a specific project, or just want to be more oriented in this area, you can use our consulting services to ensure that your solution meets modern trends in social development and enhancing the self-sufficiency of an aging population.

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